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British Science Festival 2017

Laine Pub Company Ltd is working with Brighton & Sussex University and British Science Festival, several of the Laines pubs will be taking part in the festival as well as other venues. 

Here at The Mesmerist we have a day packed full of science events to kick it all off! 

Defying Gravity    Time: 6pm till 10pm

Levitation isn’t just a paranormal fantasy, there’s a real science behind it. Try your hand at small-scale levitation and explore the technology that one day could make large objects float freely.      

Hack the Senses  Time: 6pm till 10pm

Investigate the associations between our sense of smell and perception of colour. Reconstruct yourself in a VR out-of-body experience, and explore visualisations of the ways in which works of art affect us.

Hypnosis: all in the mind   Time: 6pm till 10pm

In this interactive talk, Peter Naish explores the latest research findings concerning the nature of hypnosis, explaining how the brain achieves some of the seemingly odd hypnotic effects.

A Musical Encounter of the Robotic Kind   Time: 6pm till 9p

Sarah Angliss and Stephen Hiscock use theremin, robotics, water-phone and more to create their uncanny, otherworldly musical spectacular. Come and experience “music possessed of an eerie instability, a highly atmospheric and compelling listen” (The Wire magazine).


We will be stocking the Festival Beer for the week, which Laine Brew Co collaborated with British Science Festival in order to create! 

Check out their website HERE

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Flash Mob Jazz
Later Event: September 5