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 This night is dedicated to bringing you the finest soulful acts across Brighton.

Free Entry

Cheap Drinks all night

Yazmyn Hendrix is a solo a cappella artist who uses her voice and a loop station to create her musical environment. She is an experimental multi-genre singer and songwriter who writes simple songs about complex things; love, life, reality and dreams. Yazmyn is synaesthetic, meaning she associates each song, each word and each instrument with colours and textures; this gives her an original perspective when writing and performing. If you would like to know more about Yazmyn and hear her music visit

Asahi and The Dreamcatchers - Japanese singer-songwriter / guitarist / painter / model / translator currently active in London and Brighton, England. Playing with her full band bringing some funky dreamy vibes.

The Collectives - started in London with just the base and the drums, Markus Smith and Tim Timmy, being the brain child of Markus Smith, they sent out a message for a singer, and Tracey Milliner arrived, and another call out brought Angus Barnacle, also known as peddles with his guitar.
They discovered that they had a collective love of soul music, Hip Hop, Jazz, and a taste from the Caribbean. All members originally being from different parts of the world, Africa, Jamaica, Guadalupe and Australia, but living in the UK, combined their sounds and writing skills to develop the sound that you hear today. A Caribbean fusion they like to call Caribbean soul, that wet the taste buds, and make you want to move.